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  • +494032514909
  • Free design service
  • Short production time

"Boxcorn Booth" Promo Package (incl. branding - 100x servings)

333.00 €

299.00 €

excl. VAT, plus delivery
Delivery time: 13 day(s)


Popcorn Promotion Full Package


  • Lighted Popcorn display (Stainless steel/glass)

incl. Logo brand on three sides

Lighting: different colors available

  • 100x custom popcorn boxes

(500ml, 900ml or 1700ml volume)

  • 100x bags of sweet popcorn, 30 gr. each

made in Germany.

  • Fragrance spray "Popcorn smell"

for an authentic atmosphere of fresh produced popcorn.

Automatically dispenser every 10 minutes

Will be delivered via DHL parcel service.

+ 20 Euro net within Europe.

+ Free hygiene package:

- 50x face masks

- 300ml hand sanitizer

- Two Branded "Distance Sticker"

More 100x portions extra

(100x custom popcorn boxes, 100x 30gr. sweet popcorn bags)

= 69 Euro net

Production time popcorn boxes = 10 working days (Mon-Fri)

Desk/table not part of the offer.

You can send the display back to us on your cost or we will arrange a pick up via UPS

(+ 40 Euro net)